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Pole position! Aka badass Delrin shift knob by Teach Design Concepts

Check out Teach Design Concepts on eBay!

All right, talk about a fun and functional mod. This is badass. I was searching for shift knobs in eBay and found this guys auctions. I saw in there he also offered customization, basically you could tell/draw him what you want and he can get it done.

Since installing a new shifter in the Slug, it dropped the shifter way lower. Also because I wasn't as precise as I should have been with modifying the linkage the shifter was skewed to the right. Either way, more after the jump.



Slug mirror!

Going for some JDM fun here. Not full on proper mirrors. If I can find some legit honda fender mirrors, I'll do those. If not. Oh well.



Motor whut?

So cleaning off my engine. Noticed this set of numbers. More research on this is needed.


What to call it? the Silver Slug!!!

Probably a fair bit of work, though hopefully I can do most of it. Just doing a photo dump for now. Will update and comment more later. Yay wee wagon!

Dust Collector!!!

Setting up the dust collection system.

Featuring, Oneida Super Dust Deputy!! This is a very key piece to the system as otherwise you are just clogging your filters and possibly wrecking your vacuum sucking up large bits of what not over the impeller blades.


Office desk

So I had an ikea desk in my office before. Part of painting the office though, I decided I wanted a new desk as well. A built in one that didn't take up as much space in the room.

Shopdog, the last sawhorse you’ll need.

This is a plug for shopdog sawhorses designed by Grant over at I highly recommend checking his site out as he has a YouTube video going into detail about all the uses of these. Plans are a cheap $5 and well worth it. Comes with templates and very detailed instruction.



Side-Shed, or a little shed on the side, if you get me.

So I'm building a little shed for housing my air compressor and dust collector.


Street number

They were doing new numbers in the hood. I figured I'd just make my own.

Mind the overspray…


Mosquito whores from hell, and their windy defeat!

This is a modification I did to my shop fans based on a video I saw on the greenpowerscience youtube channel.

I just wish I’d come across the video last spring