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Breathe easy Coulson!

I've ordered a new set of mikuni 42mm carbs for Coulson. I have the original SU carbs and there is currently a downdraft weber on there. Instead of going with the SU carbs I decided to give it a good upgrade with more modern carb technology. These are said to net a good deal more power ad well as improving economy. We're currently getting 14/18 so we will see.



Moss motors disappointing valve covers

So I initially picked up a polished valve cover. The fins on it looked like they were polished very aggressively. Rounded over and just overall not uniform.

So I returned it and got the “wrinkle finish” what they call wrinkle finish looks more like a hammer finish, and it is all over the damn thing. Even on the surface where the seal goes. Something tells me it would make a lot more sense for this to be smooth. In addition to it being a mediocre casting.

That said these things are pretty cheap, so it's no wonder the quality is sub par.







Coulson Cibie headlight upgrade

Not too much to tell here, just swapped out the standard sealed Sylvania headlights with some Cibie H4 headlights. I snagged these from my old Volvo. Since they have a running light in them it would cause me to have to modify the headlight bucket on the MG. I don’t want to do that so I just ordered another set of Cibie lights without the running light. Surprised at how cheap they are on Amazon. $40 a pop, I think I paid upwards of $80 for the ones I have over a decade ago.

Either way, the difference in light pattern and output in them since they use a newer style halogen bulb, is amazing.

Low Beams with the stock light on the left and cibie on the right.

2015-11-23 (3)


And the High Beams

2015-11-23 (2)

Presents for Coulson

Just a couple things to nice it up. Full stainless tourist trophy exhaust, along with a cute little cup holder setup and two seat belt holders. Courtesy of Moss Motors. Also we picked up two wolo full blast horns. The current horns, well you can lean your head out the window and yell louder. These should be a marked improvement.


Fender mirrors

Photo dump fit now



Steam & Upholstery Cleaner

I picked up a steamer and a heated upholstery cleaner to clean the seats in my wagon, as well as just take care of other things that need steamed or cleaned. I’ll write up a proper review at a later date, for the time being I just wanted to post up this image of what came out of the bottom of one of the clean seats.

Photo on 10-10-15 at 10.32 PM

And holy hell, out of the bottom of the back seat that was actually in the car. Jaysus!

Photo on 10-11-15 at 3.12 AM

She’s not there, but I was

The Zombies. Holy shit can these guys rock just as hard as if it were still the 60s.

Crap photos, but hey I was watching the show.



Seat cover/foam replacement 88-89 civic to 90-91 civic.

This covers swapping foam and the cover from an 88-89 over to the frame of a 90-91 civic wagon. This is for the front seats, and can also apply to same year swaps. Also it might just come in handy for taking the seat apart if you’re going to be repairing the foam.

The grossness that I was sitting on before.

And what I’m swapping over to

Kwik-lift ramps. Tool fantasy fulfilled

So I’ll start with saying I have wanted these for a long time. If you’re not familiar with the company check out

The gist of it is that they are ramps, you drive the car on to and then jack up the low side via cross bar. Then there are fold down legs that basically turn the ramps into a mini lift. Great for if you don’t have a high garage or the proper slab and funds to afford a two post lift.

Below is just a picture dump, it’s dark out but I couldn’t help but to test the, out. I’ll get better pics with the daylight.

Here you can see the ramps in their first position. Yes I have a bunch off shit in the garage, forgive me, I’m working on it.


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