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Working on the steering gear

Part of trying to get the truck back up and running, and passing inspection is repairing the steering gear. It had a leak and wouldn’t pass inspection. While I could have just cleaned it off and probably gotten it done, I’d also like to actually have the truck not leak fluids.

So I did a small rebuild of it. I wasn’t able to get one side apart, which was the more complex side. I’ll need to fab up a wrench to get the nut off. But I did replace the seals and gaskets where it was leaking, so hopefully that takes care of that. Figured I would clean it up and repaint it as well.


I was able to find a guide online for the rebuild, I really do wish I was able to get to the other inner workings to do a total rebuild on it, but it seems to be operating smoothly anyway and I was able to grease up the parts that needing greasing so hopefully all will be good with it.

Here I’ve hit it with just some black rustoleum. I have some Eastwood underhood black which is really nice looking, but I’m not that intense on a restore on this truck. If I ever do an engine rebuild in it and have it all torn down then I might do that.

All right, got it back in the truck. I made a stupid mistake by putting the pitman arm back on before I had it in there, because, of course, I had it flipped 180 degrees. I then got irritated because the gear was being a proper pain trying to get back out, so I went out and spent too much money on a 3/4 drive wrench and a socket and extension for it.

That said I’ll be picking up one of those handy little electronic torque wrench converters. They’re a bit costly for the 3/4 drive version, but I figure I’d be paying well more than that for a torque wrench that can get up to 450lb/ft. So now I have this big grunty wrench in the event I need to really get mean on something. I’ll probably order a set of metric and standard sockets for it, just for fun. But that’s another story all together, maybe I’ll post on it when I find the time.