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Monthly Archives: March 2013

New steering stops on the Lil’ Donkey

So I put some new wheels on the truck, and at full lock I got a bit of rubbing on the suspension arms, which es no bueno.   Icky! Shame on me =( I was trying to think of a way to rig up a steering stop, when a guy from the truck forum i […]



Weber 32/36 DGEV Throttle Return Spring

So a problem I'm having is that the throttle return spring on the weber carb on my truck isn't strong enough to pull the throttle all the way closed. It'll get it close, and the. Eventually get it there but an example, I set the idle to 800, snap the throttle a few times, and […]

Donkey check!

Yay the truck has passed inspection. Now maybe I'll do some more updates about it here that its street legal again.  

Ghetto pull down “machine”

I'll put some better pics up when the area is cleaned. But this is my pull down machine. Super simple, two pulleys a bucket, some paracord and PVC.

Compressor/Dust Collector Shed

Nothing to look at so far.

Swing saw restoration!

Here it is, my Heston and Anderson model 5 swing saw. I'm having to redo this post due to some weird bug that deleted the whole thing. Oh well. So a brief description, this design was patented in 1928, I'm not sure exactly how old my saw is, but the other ones I have found […]

The mystery mutt


A blast from the past, my Royal 10 Typewriter

A previous article from the old incarnation of the website, but I figured I’d re-post it.

Iris fun times