because pseudo quasi crushes are just not good enough


This is my first attempt at making a slingshot. I copied a design based on a slingshot I got from Jörg Sprave of

This one is made from mesquite wood that I got from a fork cut from a busted old tree at The Lady Friend's parents' house. I cut it to rough shape with a saw and then sanded the dickens out of it. Going from 80 up to 320 grit.

After that I then started using some pumice and linseed oil until I got it as smooth as I could. Then I used some car polish to help clean it up a bit more. The mesquite loves to soak in finish so it doesn't stay shiny for long.

But anyway, it's a good shooter and I have some new bands that I'll load it up with in the near future. I just need to figure out something other than leather to make the pouches from.