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Ghetto pull down “machine”

I'll put some better pics up when the area is cleaned. But this is my pull down machine. Super simple, two pulleys a bucket, some paracord and PVC.

I'll be redoing the bar out of some conduit when I get the dies for my tube bender. Put a nice gradual curve on it, just enough to be comfortable to grip.

I will also do some better set up for weights, but a bucket works pretty well. Just put water in and you have at least for some odd pounds to work with, which for a guy my size is good for a whole lot of excises.

At some point I may upgrade the pulleys again to a double pulley setup for doing some flys, and put some pulleys down lower or on an adjustable mount for some rows and leg exercises.

But yeah for the $15 or so that I'm in to this so far it works quite nicely.