because pseudo quasi crushes are just not good enough

Donkey check!

Yay the truck has passed inspection. Now maybe I'll do some more updates about it here that its street legal again.


Along with getting it inspected today I also replaced the thermostat. The old one was stuck open, so the engine temp would barely climb above minimum. Now it goes to just shy of center and stays there. We will see how that works out when it gets about 20 degrees warmer here, but so far so good.

I will probably get some tires for it in the near future to go on the new wheels.

Photos to follow sometime soon.

All right, new tires! Same exact ones as on my Volvo too.




Replaced the fuel pump today. Switched over to an electronic one, got it wired up. Gonna do some clean up on the extra wires in the engine bay from removing the stock carb soon. The electronic pump will provide a more steady flow to the carburetor, vs having to have the mechanical pump regulated down since it was pumping too high PSI for this new carb. That and unless you pay a good amount for the regulators, they're not known to be the most long lived things. Anyway, more photos to come soon.

Oooooh, pumpy.


Here is the seemingly normal engine bay.

But behold, the weber carburetor. They didn't approve of that at the inspection place, so I carved out the bottom of the old filter housing so it would fit around the weber.

A bit boogan but it had to have the stock parts on there, even though they don't actually test their functionality. Go figure.