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New steering stops on the Lil’ Donkey

So I put some new wheels on the truck, and at full lock I got a bit of rubbing on the suspension arms, which es no bueno.


Icky! Shame on me =(

I was trying to think of a way to rig up a steering stop, when a guy from the truck forum i am on told me to just extend the ones there. Hell I didn't even know there were ones there, the little buggers like to hide. Maybe they are obvious to you where they were, but I hadn't spotted them before. I took a look around this morning, lo and behold, here they are!

So I popped them out and took them to the hardware store just to see what size the bolt is. The nut on there is 14mm and the bolt itself has a 10mm head. Undo the nut and the whole thing should just come right out. Don't try to just back the bolt out by itself.

Then i picked up an assortment of m10x1.25 bolts.

Had I taken a closer look I'd have realized that the hole goes all the way through. Also another thing I realized was after I put the 35mm ones in, even that wasn't enough. I have a 8.5″ wheel with a +25mm offset, so your situation may vary. I'd ended up going with a 50mm in the end. With 35mm I was only about 5 threads into the hole and that didn't leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Then I had to grind the heads of the bolts down. I had the best results with an angle grinder and a metal sanding disc. I kept a cup of water handy to cool the bolt off as it was getting too hot to touch even through my welding gloves. It took a bit of time but eventually I got them down to where the 10mm socket would fit them. And then I rounded the ends.


Then it's just a matter of putting them in and moving the steering from side to side to see just where you need to adjust them to.


I did this with the car up on a jack so my steering is probably a little less than what it could be since they hit the arms more when they are hanging down. I'll probably work on it more at some point just to give it a bit of fine tuning but all in all this was an easy enough “upgrade” and will save me any further damage on the inside of my wheels.

And a little sample of the before
And after