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Don’t be tripping!

On this damn outlet box that was sticking up out of the floor. I'll have to see if i have a picture of it somewhere. Here we go, had to crop it but man, this thing is my bane in the dark.

So basically it's just a two gang box on some PVC, it has a 120 and 240 outlet in it. I am always bumping in to it. Needless to say, fixed that mofo right up, or down as it were.

Allll right, so I don't have any in the making photos, just right down to the finished project.

I ended up cutting out a square around the current wiring. Then I built a box out of two right triangles and then some side panels for them. The outlets are on the inner face in a three gang box. So now I have four 120v lines and the one 240v which will eventually be for the table saw.

I added some additional bracing on the sides of the box so it is well secure and also another panel attached to the back of the lid to add some rigidity. I figure at some point the table saw might roll over it and I want it to be able to withstand that.

And here is a look inside. The screws I have at the corners are to take up the wobble from the plywood lid since it has a bit of warping too it. Not much but enough that it will rock around a bit without them. But now with that done the wiring in the shop is nearly complete.