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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Street number

They were doing new numbers in the hood. I figured I'd just make my own. Mind the overspray…  

Slo-mo on the drill yo.

I picked up this speed reduction kit from it dropped my low spindle speed from 640 down to 152rpm. Hella awesome for metal work. Anyway, check them out for your custom metal doings. Notchers, benders all sorts of badass stuff.  

Bidet day. Fo real.

I’ll keep out brief. I got a bidet toilet seat. You should too. I’ve never been a religious man, but as they say; “cleanliness is next to godliness.”So,  my posterior is definitely up for sainthood.

Addicted to light!

Not the Lord Jesus kind or any other type of Christian mythology. Pain ol’ luminance. So I have plenty of lights in the shop but I have had a bit of a dark spot the the roof overhang.

Mosquito whores from hell, and their windy defeat!

This is a modification I did to my shop fans based on a video I saw on the greenpowerscience youtube channel. I just wish I’d come across the video last spring

Shop panoramas

Just testing out the iPod and seeing how the panoramas work.

Shop org! Aka sorting porn.

All right, so I went back home to Illinois to visit with family and pick some things up. I’ll get to that on another post. Whilst I was hither and yon, The Lady Friend did a major cleanup on the mess bomb that was my shop. It’s awesome! I’ll do my darndest to keep up […]