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Mosquito whores from hell, and their windy defeat!

This is a modification I did to my shop fans based on a video I saw on the greenpowerscience youtube channel.

I just wish I’d come across the video last spring


So Mosquitos suck. For real… Killing them is a major pain. They don’t care about bug zappers. Bug spray maybe kills them sometimes. They are irritating always.

Anyway, I watched a YouTube clip from Dan Rojas. He is this out there dude who does a bunch of cool stuff with fresnel lenses. The concept is simple. Shop fan plus screen = mosquito death.


Since I had set up my little swing out shop fan already, I figured why not give this a go. I had the screen already too. Dan stuck his on with magnets since he wanted it removable. I just used zip ties since my fan stays where it is.

The result is awesome. Weather is cooling off here but I still managed to catch 30 or so Mosquitos in the course of a few hours. Then you just give them a spritz of watered down rubbing alcohol and bam! Dead as hell.

I can’t wait to have this going next summer.