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Side-Shed, or a little shed on the side, if you get me.

So I'm building a little shed for housing my air compressor and dust collector.

The main reasons are just for space and to keep the noise down in the shop. Yeah I'll have saws and what not running, but every bit helps.

A couple months back I poured a cement pier for the far corner. Here I've run two 2×6 boards over to it.

Then I lagged a board on to the foundation, and started framing it in.

The first picture shows it with all the additional support boards in place. I also tied it to the little slab that was there for extra support.

Next up will be to lay down some plywood for the base and then start doing the rest of the frame. Wheeee

My helper was also busy helping.

Frame next. Trying to figure out exactly how I want the roof on it.

O.k. So I decided I'd run the roof slanted the way you see here. I figure it will be easier to flash running like this rather than having the slope follow the house.

All right, so I made a mistake and set the top of the frame too high so I have to notch it out to set the joists in place. I made a little jig to help this process along and am just using a circular saw to cut dados. It worked out pretty well.

So here it is with most of the frame finished out. I need to add a couple more bits here and there but largely it's sorted. You can see I've also placed the outlet boxes. I have three 120 volt outlets and one 240, the 240 will be running the dust collector.

I put in a double t8 fixture to light things up when needed. I think I'll paint the back side of the sheathing white so it's nice and double bright in there too. That will depend though on if I want to finish out the inside or just leave it bare studs.

So next up comes the paneling. I've not really done that before so it should be an interesting experience.

One thing before the paneling. Since the dust collector is going to be in a separate building, and I don't want to go all the way over to it to turn it on, I wired it to a spare paddle switch I had hanging around. This way I can just hit this switch and wheeee dust be gone yo.

All right, on with the paneling. It went up pretty well. It was a learning experience, and should definitely be a two person job, but I'm satisfied with it. Just a couple more bits to trim out and then on with the finish paneling and the corrugated metal roof. The flashing will probably throw me for a loop, but hopefully I'll be able to sort it out.

Here is the paneling near finished, save for the couple little bits up top which I should hopefully get to in short order. I used a router bit. To open back up the door way since I wanted to get the paneling matched up just right. Should have all the hardware in for the sliding door soon as well.



All right, another update after some unwanted time off dealing with general idiocy. I got the door hardware in and am working on getting that together. All of the sheathing is done and I'm getting busy on doing the hardboard. Then a good many layers of paint. I've yet to decide on the colors as it might be painted the colors we intend on painting the house. We will see.

Oh, I also got shingles to replace the metal roofing because people were being crybabies. Oh well such is life.

On a side note, don't drape hardi plank over the headache rack. After about two bumps in the road it all snapped. Suckage.

More photos to follow.

Couple weeks later. It's been cold. I got nearly all the paneling done. One more section, then clean up the edges and finish the trim. Then it's painting time, yay! Maybe fuchsia. Is fuchsia good for property value?

There, paneled. Ran out of light to get pictures of the trim. Tomorrow.

Ok some time later, after the cold.

All the paneling up and the trim done as well as the initial coats of paint.

I split a piece of PVC to act as a slide for the door so it doesn't scrape along the shed itself. I also used some PVC end caps as slide stops for the door.

Roller stop to keep the door from swinging out too far.

And just a shot from the other side showing it tied into the main shop.