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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Office desk

So I had an ikea desk in my office before. Part of painting the office though, I decided I wanted a new desk as well. A built in one that didn't take up as much space in the room.

What to call it? the Silver Slug!!!

Probably a fair bit of work, though hopefully I can do most of it. Just doing a photo dump for now. Will update and comment more later. Yay wee wagon!

Shopdog, the last sawhorse you’ll need.

This is a plug for shopdog sawhorses designed by Grant over at I highly recommend checking his site out as he has a YouTube video going into detail about all the uses of these. Plans are a cheap $5 and well worth it. Comes with templates and very detailed instruction.  

Dust Collector!!!

Setting up the dust collection system. Featuring, Oneida Super Dust Deputy!! This is a very key piece to the system as otherwise you are just clogging your filters and possibly wrecking your vacuum sucking up large bits of what not over the impeller blades.