because pseudo quasi crushes are just not good enough

Dust Collector!!!

Setting up the dust collection system.

Featuring, Oneida Super Dust Deputy!! This is a very key piece to the system as otherwise you are just clogging your filters and possibly wrecking your vacuum sucking up large bits of what not over the impeller blades.


Here is the main junction coming off of the cyclone. It's just done with 4″ PVC, as that was cheap and easy to acquire. At some point I may upgrade down the road but that would need a new vacuum anyway since this one only has a 5″ inlet.

Here's the floor sweep. I'll probably cut a coupe pieces of wood to go to the sides of it to help funnel stuff towards it when sweeping.
Here is the blast gate at the drill press. I'll run a bit of flex hose down to table itself for collecting the chips. Still haven't figured out if I want to do a dust hood or just hose or how to keep the hose near the drill bit. Maybe rig some sort of jig on the post?