because pseudo quasi crushes are just not good enough

Shopdog, the last sawhorse you’ll need.

This is a plug for shopdog sawhorses designed by Grant over at I highly recommend checking his site out as he has a YouTube video going into detail about all the uses of these. Plans are a cheap $5 and well worth it. Comes with templates and very detailed instruction.


They are folding, super stable, durable and cheap to build. One can be made from two 12' 2×4. I misread it at first and thought it was just an 8' so I had some extra scrap. If you use the 12' boards you have nearly no scrap at all. They can also be built with an integral French cleat to hang them on the wall if you have room for it.

You can order the straps from him pre-made or I ordered a 4 pack of tiegrrr tie down cargo straps from amazon and cut and stitched my own.
You do have to cut a couple compound miters on these, but if you're set up to do that there is no other saw horse you should be looking at. I've busted a good number of the plastic sawhorses from Home Depot. They are cheap and cheaply made about $28 a pair last time I checked. These horses cost me probably just shy of $40 for the pair and they're worth far more than that for how you can configure them, and just how solid they are.
The top board is held in place by the scissor action of the legs of the horse, and that is then held tightened up using the tension strap. So you have a simple 2×4 as your surface so it can be as sacrificial as you want and absurdly cheap to replace. And you can build a huge variety of jigs. Cut some slots in a 2×6 and you have a bar clamp rack. Cut some v shapes out for your pipe clamps. Go over to and he even shows it set up with some attachments to make a full on miter stand.
In closing, these shopdogs are flippin' sweet.