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Office desk

So I had an ikea desk in my office before. Part of painting the office though, I decided I wanted a new desk as well. A built in one that didn't take up as much space in the room.

I'm still working on finishing it. I put a few coats of linseed oil on it and will probably use some paste wax. It's at standing height for me, and I'll install my keyboard tray as well. I did it built in to the wall using some heavy duty brackets.

They are rated at something absurd like 1000lbs each. They are 1/8″ steel. So massive mofos

The wood itself is just a piece of birch plywood from Home Depot, in 3/4 thickness. The desk is an L shape that comes out 19″ from the wall. The brackets are 18″ so I wanted to overhang those a bit. The long side of the desk is 72″ and the shorter side is 44″. This allowed me to double up the plywood so it's now and inch and a half thick. There's virtually no give to it. So I think it's going to work out very well.

Couple more photos after liberal coats of tung oil.