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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Mirror block off plate

Since the jdm ones are so damn hard to find, I snagged a mirror off a wagon in the junk yard and am converting it. Just a single pic for now. Others were taken from the phone so not the best quality, but I'll get them up later.  

Valve covers, crinkle em up!

Expanding on this from the post in the Silver Slug thread.   With the valve covers in these cars being at best somewhere around 24+ years old, the tend to not be too well for the wear. A bit of refreshing is in order.

Pole position! Aka badass Delrin shift knob by Teach Design Concepts

Check out Teach Design Concepts on eBay! All right, talk about a fun and functional mod. This is badass. I was searching for shift knobs in eBay and found this guys auctions. I saw in there he also offered customization, basically you could tell/draw him what you want and he can get it done. Since […]

Slug mirror!

Going for some JDM fun here. Not full on proper mirrors. If I can find some legit honda fender mirrors, I’ll do those. If not. Oh well.  

Motor whut?

So cleaning off my engine. Noticed this set of numbers. More research on this is needed.