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Valve covers, crinkle em up!

Expanding on this from the post in the Silver Slug thread.


With the valve covers in these cars being at best somewhere around 24+ years old, the tend to not be too well for the wear. A bit of refreshing is in order.

You can see here, and this one is actually in better condition than others I’ve seen.

So we start with stripping it down entirely. I found that the kleen-strip gel works the best. It’s the kind in the orange can.

Once we’re stripped down and run through the wash (do this at your relationships peril) we need to mask it off.

Then hit it with liberal coats of some wrinkle paint. I’ve so far had good results with the vht wrinkle plus.

It will look smooth at first but then after not too long you see it wrinkle up.

Depending on how thick you put the paint on there it’ll affect the wrinkles. It may take some practice to get it down just right. The second cover I did had much more uniformity to it. Basically if you have too much paint and it runs. It’s going to wrinkle at a different level than the thinner coats. And it takes way long to dry.

If you have lettering after it’s dried for a day or so, that’s a good time to scrape them off. Get as much as you can, as the step after is to either sand or hit it with a file.

I prefer a file as it keeps the edges nice and crisp. Sand paper will round the edges over a bit. You also get more of a machined look with a file.

Here is the second one I did.