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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Works Bell, the bell works?

If you're familiar with Works Bell, you know they make some fun car parts. I picked myself up a Rapfix II quick release for my car.  

Defogging the dark side

All right, so you’re looking at getting your windows tinted. Maybe you’re concerned about how dark you can go, maybe you want some crazy chrome reflective stuff. Maybe you’re thinking about blocking heat. One thing you might not be thinking about is your rear defogger. Well, you should…

Rear sway bar in the wagon

Photo dumping for now, nothing to write up yet.

Slippery when wet… Sanded

So your plastic lenses are hazy and you want to clean them up. Plastic polish helps, but you shoulda really look at wet sanding. You can get pretty good results by hand, so you don’t need an expensive buffer. It’s worth the extra bit of time and money though.

Don’t you, forget about me. Me being your headlights!

For those of us of the more forgetful nature, or used to automatic headlights in the fancier cars, here’s a super simple headlight buzzer mod. There is a tool less way to do it that involves wrapping wires around fuses, but that can screw up the socket and I’d rather just have an actual module […]

Side markers of AWES…oops…….

All right, so let me start this with the old adage, measure twice, cut once. It’s not that bad but I lined up with the wrong edge of the tape and got the marker 2 inches too high.  

EF Civic LED gauge light conversion

I’m not a huge fan of the color of the gauges in the civic but I can’t stand those after market conversions where you end up with something that looks completely out of place at best and at worst like you feel Vatozone is the end all be all of automotive.

LED bulbs in the slug

LED bulbs, brightness yo!