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LED bulbs in the slug

LED bulbs, brightness yo!


So in a previous incarnation of this site I covered LED bulbs and how much they sucked as tail lights. That was nearly 8 years ago and LED tech has improved significantly.

When backing up, the stock bulbs were worthless. I couldn’t even tell they were on. As you can see here there is a marked inprovement.

Next up, brake lights.

The 2nd from the right is running the LED bulb. You can see it’s filling out the housing more evenly. Definitely brighter.

Applying the brakes, It was hard to tell a difference. Not sure if that is because of the difference in resistance. I know that can have an affect on these bulbs. I’ll go ahead and replace the rest though just to see how it does.

Also the cargo area can now actually be seen.

I’ll also take some pics with my Nikon and set it to full manual so it’s not balancing the shot like the ipad does. That way differences will be more noticeable.

Cabin led arrive and installed.



Both captured with the same aperture and shutter speed. Not that drastic on these pics, but you can see the difference below


That’s using the same shutter speed and I had it turned up a bit, so it’s actually much brighter given eye adjustment. I’m a fan.