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EF Civic LED gauge light conversion

I’m not a huge fan of the color of the gauges in the civic but I can’t stand those after market conversions where you end up with something that looks completely out of place at best and at worst like you feel Vatozone is the end all be all of automotive.

Another crappy pic but it’s either this or through the windshield. Here are two of the four screws you need to remove to get the gauge bezel off. Super simple. The other two are visible underneath, these are on the top and under two pop off panels.

Then you can swing the whole thing out of your way just by disconnecting the emergency flasher. It’s the easiest to disconnect as well.


Next up four screws to pull the gauges. It’s the two that are set farther back. The closer screw and the one on top are for removing the clear plastic, which doesn’t need done for this. Same location on the other side.

I’ll try to get a clean windshield pic of this, but you pull a big plug at both sides and a clip holds the speedo in. Very simple to get all apart.

The five circled in the image below are size 74 bulbs. So use whatever 74 LED equivalent you see fit. I am going for red for best night vision on them. All of the rest if the bulbs are for the indicator lights which are all behind colored panels anyway and I’m not changing the paneling so those can stay.

This one happened to be burnt out on me as well so all the more reason to replace. Notice the bulb has a blue sleeve over it. This is because the gauges also have two smaller front lights that shine through a red panel on the under side of the top of the gauge housing. So they balance each other out a bit. No idea why this is done, I’m sure someone else knows though.

That’s the write up for now until my bulbs arrive. As I mentioned before, I’m doing red. My friend Mike (Killa_ef_uat on the civic wagon forum) is doing his in white. So I’ll probably post pics of both.

One thing to note the LEDs themselves are polarized, which means they only work when installed one way. So check your lights before screwing the gauge cluster back down as you’re liable to have some that don’t light up. I was only 2 for 5 the first time =(

All right. Gotta load a couple pics off the phone, but I did get some with the camera showing the difference.

Intro pic is the before but I’ll post it here again






  • 91efsedannick
    Posted 2015/01/12 at 09:22 | Permalink

    Why is it the “arms” on the cluster aren’t lighten up anymore after the led conversion? Like the speedo and even the fuel gauge and temp gauge the arms aren’t lighten up ?

    • Jonny
      Posted 2015/01/20 at 01:02 | Permalink

      That’s actually more so the balancing of the photo itself. The needles themselves aren’t lit, there are lights at the top that shine down on them. Since they are orange, with white lighting behind them it looks like they are brighter. With the red lights behind them it doesn’t look like they are as bright. I did turn the front light down a bit as well, but in person they’re definitely visible, it’s not as dark as it appears in this photo.