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Don’t you, forget about me. Me being your headlights!

For those of us of the more forgetful nature, or used to automatic headlights in the fancier cars, here’s a super simple headlight buzzer mod. There is a tool less way to do it that involves wrapping wires around fuses, but that can screw up the socket and I’d rather just have an actual module rather than a ghetto fix.


As you can see, the module is dead simple. It’s a little piezo electric buzzer, some short bits of wire, two connectors and some heat shrink tubing.

I won’t go into the detail of soldering here, basically just tin all your leads, solder the wire to the buzzer, heat shrink that. Put more heat shrink on the wire, solder your connectors, slide the heat shrink up and shrink it on down.

After that, where to put this fine dandy?

Right there! Like I said in the pic, this is labeled as “optional” in the fsm. Maybe someone else knows what goes there? Perhaps some higher trim level option or jdm/edm stuff?
Either way, just access your fuse panel under the steering wheel and at the top of it you should see these empty sockets. You simply connect the little piezo module to them, you may need to flip it if it doesn’t come on, but beyond that you should now have an annoying little reminder if your lights are on and the engine is off.
Tiny, and easily tucked away.
Anyone who took this out because they thought it was annoying, good for you.¬†Why you’re bothering to troll this post says more about you than it does anyone else.
A small addition on why you should not do the bs method of wrapping a wire around a fuse. There are cheap alternatives if you can’t solder or don’t have the tools.