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Slippery when wet… Sanded

So your plastic lenses are hazy and you want to clean them up. Plastic polish helps, but you shoulda really look at wet sanding. You can get pretty good results by hand, so you don’t need an expensive buffer. It’s worth the extra bit of time and money though.

So here is our guinea pig. The front bumper turn signal in my 90 civic wagon.

There are a couple cracks, I did my best to clean the debris out of them with a waterpik and then super glued them. If I had a high flow super glue they would have probably hidden better. That’s something for a future test.

Here we start out just polishing the left side. You can see an improvement, but it could be better. Also there are some nicks in the lense itself so sanding will help take those out a bit.

I’m not going to show you how to sand, but the gist of it is just have a supply of water handy and keep the sandpaper wet. It helps keep the friction down and makes your sandpaper last much longer. If you saw my write up about the mirror block off plate, I could never have gotten that finish without wet sanding.

Now you can see on the left that was sanded and polished it is much clearer. The picture isn’t stellar so here is another way to show the improvement.

This picture is taken through the polish only side.

And this one is through the sanded and polished,

And one final shot showing the lense I’ve not yet done in comparison to the cleaned up one.

As I’ll be doing a mod to have these lights double as running lights having them clearer is definitely something I’ll want.

Let me know if anything else should be covered here and I’ll do my best to add it.