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Kwik-lift ramps. Tool fantasy fulfilled

So I’ll start with saying I have wanted these for a long time. If you’re not familiar with the company check out

The gist of it is that they are ramps, you drive the car on to and then jack up the low side via cross bar. Then there are fold down legs that basically turn the ramps into a mini lift. Great for if you don’t have a high garage or the proper slab and funds to afford a two post lift.

Below is just a picture dump, it’s dark out but I couldn’t help but to test the, out. I’ll get better pics with the daylight.

Here you can see the ramps in their first position. Yes I have a bunch off shit in the garage, forgive me, I’m working on it.

Next we get the car up on them.

Then we jack up the back end via the cross bar and lower the rear legs.

Then set it down on the rear legs.

I don’t have it all the way pulled forward so I could probably get an inch or so more height at the front since the ramps aren’t totally level. But you can see that I have great clearance at the front bumper. And just a few inches less at the rear. Yeah it’s not as great as if you have access to a full lift or a garage equipped for one, but hey for the garage mechanic this is pretty sweet.

Also you can see here I have a standard 8 foot heigh ceiling in the garage and this is the clearance I have from the top of the car to the garage door. No problem at all with it coming too close to it.

And just a random shot underneath, lots of room to work with.

The only thing I’ll need to work on is getting it on the ramps evenly. I’m lined up with the edge on the drivers side but have a good 6″ to the inside of the wheel on the passenger side. That’ll probably just come with practice, and a spotter. I might set up some type of centering guide though.

Either way, these ramps are awesome, I’ve wanted them for nearly a decade now and I’m glad I can finally afford them.

A couple better shots.

A shot of the locking pin for the rear legs.

Handle for turning the cross bar. This way you can have the hump upwards to get the jack under, and down to clear any low vehicles while you drive them onto the ramps.

Heavy rod stock forms the front pivots. Pins to keep them from working their way out.
Four bolts hold the two halves together. With spacing for three different positions. I have them dialed in the shortest since I don’t have these pulled all the way into my garage. Even at the minimum they are still plenty long enough for the vehicles I have to work on.

Random underneath shot.

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    Hooray for ramps!