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Coulson Cibie headlight upgrade

Not too much to tell here, just swapped out the standard sealed Sylvania headlights with some Cibie H4 headlights. I snagged these from my old Volvo. Since they have a running light in them it would cause me to have to modify the headlight bucket on the MG. I don’t want to do that so I just ordered another set of Cibie lights without the running light. Surprised at how cheap they are on Amazon. $40 a pop, I think I paid upwards of $80 for the ones I have over a decade ago.

Either way, the difference in light pattern and output in them since they use a newer style halogen bulb, is amazing.

Low Beams with the stock light on the left and cibie on the right.

2015-11-23 (3)


And the High Beams

2015-11-23 (2)