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Clearing up light oxidation on plastic headlights


Not much to this one. I’ve had good luck with the meguiars plastx. I just use a bit on some of the blue paper towel and give it the ol elbow grease.

Applying it by hand you don’t really need to mask anything off. If you’re using a buffer you will need to.

Also since this is just a light surface oxidation a product like this is sufficient. If you have more severe oxidation, I recommend checking out the products offered by the chemical guys. You can Google them for more info.

That said if these lights were in much worse shape, you’d probably be better off just replacing them. They can be had new for around $20-25

After cleaning up the oxidation I like to use the 303 aerospace protectant. It works fantastically well at adding a UV protection later to whatever you apply it to.

You can see in the photo above the difference just a few minutes of work makes. The passenger side is as it was when I bought the truck. The drivers side is freshly cleaned.

The paper towel was coming away yellow as it scrubbed the oxidized layer off. Ick.