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When the wires break

So the roadster was having some intermittent starting and running issues. Found the culprit to be a wire that had grounded out to the back of the alternator.

This looks to be due to some improper routing by the mechanic that did the alternator install.

There were also several splices in these wires that go to the optical pickup in the distributor so i figured I’d just run new wires.

So I drilled some holes in a board to run wires through.

Chucked up up in a drill, twist and pull.

Tape it on up.


Now for some new connectors.

And some fiberglass tube. This stuff goes on like a damned Chinese finger trap. But it works.

Then some heat shrink to lock everything in place.

Also where it was spliced to the original wires each individual one had heat shrink insulation applied as well as another bit over the three.

And done. Just plug it in and turn it on. Wheee.