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New Previa windshield washers

In attempts to remedy some engineering oversights in the Previa, and fix things that were broken on my “new” van, the wipers were an immediate sore spot. The passenger side sprayer was inactive. I found it wasn’t even connected under the hood, reconnected it, then found that the whole “sprayer” end was gone.

Given that you can only use the old inserts on these if you want them to work I decided to come up with something better. Here’s my foray into that.

In trying to come up with a way to do newer style washers on this I noticed that there were holes in the wiper arms themselves. Perhaps these were used to hold clips at one point, but it looked to be just the right size for a pop rivet, and sure enough it was.

So I took a bit of aluminum bar stock that I had handy and I picked up some replacement universal washer nozzles. I cut and shaped the bar stock to about the right size that I’d need, drilled the holes in it for the alignment pin and also the pass through for the nozzle barb.



Then just a matter of sanding it to finished shape. I’ll probably eventually paint it black. I also marked the hole position in the bracket just by putting the bracket under the wiper arm and scribing down through the hole. It got a pretty good fitment going on. That said the pop rivet just flared out in the end. I think it’ll hold but if it gives me any fuss I’ll drill it out and use one that’s about 1/4″ longer, or shave down the bracket thickness a bit as it is a bit overkill for this little thing.

All ready to be popped

And some quick video showing the spray pattern and me talking about all of this. Pardon the lighting and wind noise as it’s about 2 a.m. and I drove to the high school to get some moderate lighting.