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Since twitter has become a complete shit show I’m out of there as far as my social media goes and will probably just be on Mastodon for the indefinite future.

New Previa windshield washers

In attempts to remedy some engineering oversights in the Previa, and fix things that were broken on my “new” van, the wipers were an immediate sore spot. The passenger side sprayer was inactive. I found it wasn’t even connected under the hood, reconnected it, then found that the whole “sprayer” end was gone. Given that […]

When the wires break

So the roadster was having some intermittent starting and running issues. Found the culprit to be a wire that had grounded out to the back of the alternator. This looks to be due to some improper routing by the mechanic that did the alternator install.

New bed design?

Prelim sketches for version two of my hanging bed. Will be constructed with the Shaper Origin router when I get it. Potential for great old ones murals. I like.

Clearing up light oxidation on plastic headlights

Not much to this one. I’ve had good luck with the meguiars plastx. I just use a bit on some of the blue paper towel and give it the ol elbow grease.

The new mule. Long live poor little Donkey.

So my truck was recently smashed up by some lady who decided to go straight from a turn only lane and come right into the side of me. So that left me in need of a new truck. I’m the somewhat middle of a remodel on the house, not having a truck is a major […]

Moss motors disappointing valve covers

So I initially picked up a polished valve cover. The fins on it looked like they were polished very aggressively. Rounded over and just overall not uniform. So I returned it and got the “wrinkle finish” what they call wrinkle finish looks more like a hammer finish, and it is all over the damn thing. […]

Coulson Cibie headlight upgrade

Not too much to tell here, just swapped out the standard sealed Sylvania headlights with some Cibie H4 headlights. I snagged these from my old Volvo. Since they have a running light in them it would cause me to have to modify the headlight bucket on the MG. I don’t want to do that so […]

Fender mirrors

Photo dump fit now

Steam & Upholstery Cleaner

I picked up a steamer and a heated upholstery cleaner to clean the seats in my wagon, as well as just take care of other things that need steamed or cleaned. I’ll write up a proper review at a later date, for the time being I just wanted to post up this image of what […]