because pseudo quasi crushes are just not good enough


All right, I’d been on the market for one of these for a bit, the truck just wasn’t cutting it. So here it is. My 1993 Previa DX. Just the stock model, no double sunroofs or all wheel drive or supercharger. Though probably for the best it’s not got all that. I just need it for getting to work and moving materials from point A to point B.

To Do:

Passenger rear tail light cracked
Speakers blown
Passenger wiper washer no longer intact
Install wood floor in cargo area
Windshield Tint
Replace missing wheel caps
Replace filters in mid AC
Repair steering wheel surround

Maintenance Done:

Changed Air Filter
Drained and filled ATF Fluid. 3.5 Quart


Swapped to Mazda 16″ wheels Spark plugs NGK iridium

Spark plug wires NGK

Distributor cap Bosch

Testing carguys plastic restorer

218K Flushed coolant, replaced with Zerex Asian vehicle formula

219K Rear differential fluid replacement 75/90 synthetic. Stuff smells so nasty.