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Wood Shop

Just some quick before shots, and when I manage to get around to it, some. Afters.

The Entrance. These panels need replaced. Likely I’ll do it with some hardiboard since that should last for a lot longer than this wood paneling did.
Swing Saw along with the bench for it, and a tubing bender, and various junk laying about crapping up the place.
Stuff of The Lady Friend. Hmmmm you in the way furniture stacks!
Other side of the entry way, tool board up on the left. I’ll be redoing that with some cabinets I think. Maybe sliding glass doors or something. And a blueberry.
Other side of the entry way with some cubbies. I’m going to be putting a swing out lumber rack there that’ll have some integrated cubbies on top.
Tied in compressor. I need to change it over to 240V if I can figure out that wiring. Got various ports through the wood shop and ran one up through the attic and dropped it down in the garage out front.

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