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1.21 jiggawatts!!!

Well, not anywhere close really, but I did upgrade the sub panel in the wood shop. In case anyone electrical stumbles across here, I know it’s not up to code. The original wiring is three instead of four so I am going to have to get a long heavy gauge wire to run as the neutral. But it’s how it was and has worked for decades, so I think I am ok for the moment.

2013.06.07 17:45:12 Just got finished running the neutral so now it’s properly 4 wired. Just have to tie the wire in place now and take up the slack.


So there is the yucky before. Thing thing had breakers double and triple lugged. I just got done hooking up the last of the originally wired things and I have four breakers left out of thirteen, with three of those being doubles for the 240v stuff. So that means I was running what, 9 circuits, some 240v off of 5 breakers. Yick.

So here it is initially. I had to bolt some boards to the wall to mount it too since the area there for the studs is narrow. I would have moved it over but the feed lines gave me very little slack to work with. Or at least the white one and that ground wire didn’t.

I had loaded it up the night before with the breakers to get them where I wanted them. I still have room below for four more half inch breakers and then four of the one inch breakers up top in the event I need to run anything heavy.

Here we go with some more stuff wired up. The wires were able to tuck away after I got more in there, so the yellow lines aren’t just laying right across the power. They are just super flexible so they want to get in the way if nothing else is holding them back

And money shot. Got the outlets installed coming off the bottom of the box and got the front panel on. I have two more circuits I’m going to run in the near future. Well more so splitting stuff off of current circuits. I have a garden shed and a lumber storage that are both lit and they take their power off of the circuit that supply’s half of the 120v outlets in the shop. I am also going to split off the 120v floor outlets and run a 30 amp breaker there and put in two heavy duty outlets like what is coming off of the bottom of the box on the right side.