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Defogging the dark side

All right, so you’re looking at getting your windows tinted. Maybe you’re concerned about how dark you can go, maybe you want some crazy chrome reflective stuff. Maybe you’re thinking about blocking heat. One thing you might not be thinking about is your rear defogger. Well, you should…

Slippery when wet… Sanded

So your plastic lenses are hazy and you want to clean them up. Plastic polish helps, but you shoulda really look at wet sanding. You can get pretty good results by hand, so you don’t need an expensive buffer. It’s worth the extra bit of time and money though.

EF Civic LED gauge light conversion

I’m not a huge fan of the color of the gauges in the civic but I can’t stand those after market conversions where you end up with something that looks completely out of place at best and at worst like you feel Vatozone is the end all be all of automotive.

Office desk

So I had an ikea desk in my office before. Part of painting the office though, I decided I wanted a new desk as well. A built in one that didn't take up as much space in the room.

Shopdog, the last sawhorse you’ll need.

This is a plug for shopdog sawhorses designed by Grant over at I highly recommend checking his site out as he has a YouTube video going into detail about all the uses of these. Plans are a cheap $5 and well worth it. Comes with templates and very detailed instruction.  

Street number

They were doing new numbers in the hood. I figured I'd just make my own. Mind the overspray…  

Easy breezy beautiful. Mofo fan yo

All right so I needed more air flow in the wood shop. I have one of those orange shop fans but wanted to keep it out of the way. I initially had it hanging from the ceiling, but that was too much of a pain in the ass to use.    

Pressmatic Drillination!!!1

That's right, I got myself a drill press. Picked it up off of Craigslist, it's an old Delta Rockwell.

Don’t be tripping!

On this damn outlet box that was sticking up out of the floor. I'll have to see if i have a picture of it somewhere. Here we go, had to crop it but man, this thing is my bane in the dark. So basically it's just a two gang box on some PVC, it has […]

1.21 jiggawatts!!!

Well, not anywhere close really, but I did upgrade the sub panel in the wood shop. In case anyone electrical stumbles across here, I know it’s not up to code. The original wiring is three instead of four so I am going to have to get a long heavy gauge wire to run as the […]