because pseudo quasi crushes are just not good enough

What to call it? the Silver Slug!!!

Probably a fair bit of work, though hopefully I can do most of it. Just doing a photo dump for now. Will update and comment more later. Yay wee wagon!

Wtf, why is a chunk of hood cut out?

Redoing the seats.

I pulled the nasty seat cover, the headrest looked like there was some greaser taking a nap on it for about a decade. And look at that foam! Yuck.

I pulled the cover off hand washed the major gunk out. Christ running the water through it, it came out brown. Grody. Then tossed it in the washer on the steam cycle. Turned out pretty well.
Headrest before
Headrest after. Clean!

Redoing the valve cover. The gasket was hard as a rock and was (I hope) the main source of oil leaking in the car. So in redoing that, since the cover itself was in crap shape I decided to clean it up and repaint it.

So there it is before.

Stripped down
Trimming the mask
Oooooo black

Awwww yeah, wrinkle it up!

Oops, tried scraping the lettering, still wet from last night. Temp didn't get much above 60 and it's humid. But the wet spot is where I had to repaint due to dragging my finger along with the razor blade, it peeled some of the paint. I moved it back into position as best I could and added more paint to try to cover up the boo boo.

O.k. Paint has had a few days to cure, you can see how the wrinkles really settle and tighten up. I also used a smooth double cut file to file down the lettering. Sanding just ends up rounding things off too much for my tastes. A file makes it stand out nice and crisp.


Also in getting in there I found that the cam holder o-rings were also a source of oil leaking into the spark plug wells. Which is a pile of suck.

You can see where the brown goo is on the spark plug tubes that's where the o-rings were failing and letting oil seep through.

In picking them out, two were extremely brittle and snapped. Not what you want out of a rubber o-ring. So I'm getting some new ones of those when I pick up the battery tie down from the dealer.


All right, gaskets arrived, installed and cleaned up valve cover put back in place.

There is a bit of aluminum dust around the lettering from filing it, but I'll get that cleaned up.

New spark plugs and wires. Old wires were in sorry shape from all the oil exposure.


Also got one of the headlights installed.


Still need to figure out the turn signals.

Got rid of those nasty pedal covers. They screwed them in with massive self tapping sheet metal screws so about an inch of screw was sticking out of the back side.
Yay oem goodness


Had to reweld an exhaust hanger. It was completely just dangling there. Whoever did it before got no weld on the pipe itself it was just all on the hanger and barely tacked to the exhaust pipe.



All right, pulled the shifter linkage. Top one is civic wagon. Bottom one is CRX. You can see the one for the CRX is a touch too long.

Nibbled a touch much out, but it ended up working out. Should have taken closer measurements.
Buzz buzz.
More buzz

And done.

It's late so can't work on it anymore tonight. Got it in, shifter is definitely tightened up. Gotta get some new rubber boots for the shifter, current ones are all whack.


Got a new shifter in. B&M sport shift. I didn't need it as short as it is but I wanted a straight stick, the mods I did to the linkage caused the shifter to be either too far forward or too far back.

Comparison. B&M, Wagon, CRX

Undo these mofos

Unbolt this.

More pics later. The shifter is waaaay short now so I ordered an extension to raise it up a bit. And angle it more towards me. Modifying the linkage caused things to be slightly to the right so I need to bring it back over a touch and don't want to weld up another linkage right this second.